Gojek’s call center has a role to play in terms of the rapid progress of a company that is growing in this digital age.

Armed with the convenience of consumers and the wider community in terms of service providers or delivery services in terms of transportation, Go-Jek is growing very quickly and even the issue is so narrow that its shares will be listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange. It will make it wider in terms of getting capital by investors.

With the gojek call center , it also makes it easier for users to enjoy and complain to the company when they have a problem that suddenly affects them.

The wider community is increasingly trusting users of this app and placing full confidence in this company. Although there are now a lot of companies trying to shake Go-Jek’s status as one of the leading and best-selling companies in the field, it still seems to have no effect. The proof of this is that its popularity is still at the top.

Gojek call centers are sometimes the busiest part because of the many field problems faced by customers and drivers themselves. Tidak khayal staff in this call center department must always be focused and responsive when there are call center calls, especially from customers and users of this app.

Gojic’s Airborne Beginning

Go-jek is currently a trend for the wider community on various fronts. Each digital makes it more satisfying to the public. In fact, the beginning of the establishment of this company was the result of the founder’s concern in seeing the phenomenon of basic fire taxis that scramble for passengers by waiting for a long time.

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Instead of spending a long time waiting for passengers every day, through the call center-based gojek service  , the founder of this company finally decided to create a business entity called Go-Jek. Initially, it consisted of only 20 drivers in 2010. Along with the evolution of time, in a very short period of 4 years, it has progressed.

This progress is due to the fact that the founder, Nadim Makram, made a very smart breakthrough in 2014 with the creation of an Android app. So with this app, its users easily order motorcycle taxis to connect them to certain destinations. That was the beginning of the go-Jek name explosion.

Then gojek’s call center services  are also increasingly capable as an integrated complaints center. Whatever problems app users face, they are quickly answered by the company. This was given to Go-Jek to anticipate the bad things happening to their customers. There are two customers, drivers and also delivery service users.

Gojek expanding the business you need to know

Despite its beginning in Indonesia, it did not make him just want to take his big name in the country. The owner is also looking for a market share in Southeast Asia. There are three additional ASEAN countries involving Gu Jik. Because this is done so that it is easier for the wider community to get transportation to change places.

The first ASEAN country outside Indonesia is Vietnam. But in Vietnam the name is not Go-Jek, but Go-Viet. It lives up to the country’s name as well. Go-Viet was finally able to stand up and launch its services in 2018. Despite the pros and cons, the company’s development in Vietnam is very fast and the call center is also improving .

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Then in the same year, Go-Jek also expanded its business to Thailand under the name GET. In Thailand, very densely populated, especially for tourist activities, GET is growing very quickly. On the other hand, they are also able to create jobs for the wider community, so that they are one solution to reducing unemployment.

Gojek’s call centre was busy again with its duties when Go-Jek was able to reach Singapore. It was recorded that in 2019 they successfully worked across Singapore. With a very good market share there, making this company’s business more advanced and able to generate extraordinary profits. So investors are more enthusiastic about investing.

Investment investors in Gojic

After the beginning of its emergence, which reaped the pros and cons, this company was finally able to attract the attention of other companies and large parties to be willing to invest in them. From 2015 to the present, it can be noted that there are a lot of individuals and large companies who want to invest in Gojek.

The first is NSI Ventures and Sequola Capital as well as DST Global in 2015 which pumped its capital into Gojek. So when it was booming in 2014 with regard to this call center-based app, these companies hit the gas as tightly as possible to invest in this company for profit as well.

After that, many other companies were envied and made himwant tolose investment in the form of his capital in Gojek. Companies like KKR, Warburg Pincus, Capital Group and most recently Farallon Capital invested in 2016 in Gojek. They see the potential of this company very well in the future.

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The last thing that makes gojek call center  employees PayPal and all internal parties excited to offer the best service is to make significant investments from Google, Astra International and Djarum in 2018.

The advantages of using the Gojek app

A good system is one of the things that makes users of this app feel safe if something unwanted happens. Because its 24-hour non-stop availability makes its users not concerned at all. When they have a problem or problem in the middle of the night, the service remains active.

Because gojek’s call center service  makes it people’s dream or the wider community, especially pauses. The ease of ordering different things makes us not need to come straight to the place to buy something. Just order through a tool, then everything will be available to you.

Not to mention whether there are attractive promotions for some discounts. Allows its users to reduce its costs. Such as free shipping and discounted prices for a meal. The offer was made because it is one of the marketing strategies in navigating competition in the digital world. It is legal to do so in order to attract the attention of consumers.

The world is increasingly advanced, making humans also prefer practical smelly things but don’t cost money and extra energy. Use current applications wisely without harming any party. The Gojek call center is always there for you when you have a problem at any time.